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So, I’ll try it now.
I’m sure that folk in other professions get talked to in generalities about what goes on in their industry(ies)…I know I do.
And sometimes it’s eerily similar to people talking to me about my health.
No big secret that I’m a cancer survivor even though I’m on a maintenance regimen to keep it at bay and well meaning people like to comment, “‘You’re looking really good, Pete.”
And I’m pleased for those comments but often times there’s stuff going on n the inside of my body or my mind that may be a ‘lil different than what appears on the outside.
Similarly, people come up to me and say something akin to, “Gosh, Pete. Real Estate is just booming isn’t it? I’m hearing a lot of real good things about the market!”
Well, yeah there’s a lot of really good things on the surface and deeper, too.
But it’s all really a matter of perspective…and perspectives are just that, perspectives because the realities ma be different for those involved.
There is the o’l Buyers vs. Sellers Market.
That purports that the market favors one over the other, which it does.
Right now a case could be made for it’s a Sellers market in that inventory seems to be flying off the shelves and there are more Buyers than Sellers thereby driving up the cost of homes and that is true. The stories of multiple offers and bidding wars and homes being sold for over asking price is all true…
But is there a negative aspect to the upside?
That being that many Buyers are being forced out of the buying market and into a slighted slighted when rental prices are being elevated and lease rates are being raised even if a tenured tenant has been in a property for quite sometime threatened by, “If you don’t like the raise in rent, move.”
Just ran across this:

SIDEBAR: I don’t figure that I can change the perception(s)…just make them known.

So, where was I…

Seller’s Market…Good for Sellers. Sellers can get “top dollar”, i.e. that real dollars or fancied dollars and that’s good for them and for the economy if they will turn around and re-invest {a.k.a. spend} some of their windfall.
…Good for Sellers who re-fied, and re-fied and re-fied until that plus the downturn in the economy had them upside down in their mortgages owing more that the house thenst currently appraised for.
…and there were/are other good reasons, too. But my Blogmaster tells me that blogs that go on toooooooooooo long will lose the readers interest.

Buyer’s Market…Good for Buyers. They can typically find and negotiate their way into a home that is reasonable, i.e. not too big, not too small and with a mortgage payment that doesn’t require going without the basic necessities of food, clothing and the like.
…Good for Buyers as homeOWNERS tend to become more invested in the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.
…and good for the economy as stability brings about fiscal soundness.

From my/our perspective on perspectives is that there is behoovedness in finding out what my/our clients perspectives are and then cater to that being diligent in that our catering is bound by the principle of, “Is it legal? Is it moral? And is it ethical?”

Would like to blog on but artificial intelligence, the reminder vibration on my phone, tells me I’ve go to scoot.

Thanks for listening!



…yeah, I’m old.
I don’t think I’m old and except for some aches and pains which I attribute to anything and everything that has naught to do with any thing chronological…
So, my conundrum is technology.
Today I’m cloaked in a need for stuff I don’t understand. Some of it I can use, although not near it’s {whatever “it” may be) capacity.

Cell phone…now my only phone outside of my office at RE/MAX (970) 690-4106

An e-mail address.
A couple of Blogs:

And some more stuff that will enter my mind after I wrap this stuff up.

Anywho, I really like the way the Universe takes care of whether I’m looking or not.

I was looking and then I wasn’t when Mary, my intern came along.
She ain’t old…just turned 22 yesterday.
Young enough to have been borned with a cybergland.
I get frustrated workin’ with with some techngizmo ast smiles and sez, and whine, “Hep!” and she just smilingly sez, “What now?”
I stammer, stutter and point and she makes it all more better.


That website I referenced a bit ago?
That’s her…I mean it’s her effort.
It’s a templated site, but allows for but “it” allows for “us” to add content.
So I come up with content and she adds it.

It’s continuing work in progress and I hope it always will be.
And, sooooooooooooooooooooooo please check back {to it} frequently.
And, if’n you do you’d see, amongst other either fun or informative or both stuff a thing we call “What and Where”.
As of now, there’s a picture of a multicolored/tapestryed horse.
It’s been up longer than I had expected so if’n someone doesn’t correctly identify “What and Where” we’re gonna tale it down and replace it with something else!

And, if’n you’ve got any comments, concerns or criticism with it, please let me know…but be gentle, I’m sensitive.

Property Photo

Well, here’s where you’ll find Mary and myself this coming Saturday…that’d be the 6th of April of this year. We’ll be there from 1:12-3:27. Go to the intersection of Lochwood and Horsetooth and follow our Open House signs.

3232 sq. ft. with  Four bedrooms, four baths and it’s got that Nelson Farm location, location, location thing going for it. Close to schools, close to shopping, close to swimming, close to Collindale Golf Course and close to being yours!*

This home is vacant, the quickness of possession and closing is in your court.

The Fort Collins Real Estate market is as robust as it’s ever been since I came back here in ’95 and re-entered the Northern Colorado market.

So head on over and check this place out, register for any one of several items to be given away in a drawing at the end of the month and have a couple of Mary’s cookies right out of the oven!

Come on over


*Sometimes I get so cute I hate myself…not really



An Open House!

Mary and I held our first Open House together.

What a grand experience for me.

Even though I wasn’t fully prepared to “launch” our Open House Marketing Plan* we had a good time**.

*Marketing Plan…There are those that don’t look favorably on a term like, “Marketing Plan.” Me being one of them, but I’m not gonna change the moniker just because I don’t like it, I just have to change my attitude about the term especially when I’m trying to implement such. It’s not a set of actions intended to con or manipulate but rather a well thought out course of action aimed at putting a Buyer in touch with someone {a.k.a. me} who genuinely has their best interests in mind and who will represent and advocate for them. Although I have always preferred working with Buyers I have given Sellers my best attention. My decision to become strictly a Buyer Broker working exclusively with Buyers was sort of a risk in that it goes against the “conventional wisdom” of someone in Real Estate. A great friend and ally of mine JimWenger who actively sold Real Estate into his early eighties had a sign in his office (not visible to prospective customers or clients) which read, “Listings Are The Name Of The Game”… I’m gettin’ sidetracked here.

My/our “Open House Marketing Plan” is to select a price range, say {and I guess I am} from $180,000ish to $280,00ish and focus on “that”, holding Open Houses in that price range.

So, if I don’t list homes how do I get houses to hold Open?

Just ask my Listee {-ee’s recieve, -ors give} friends. I’ve got some great friends.

Once we have identified a house we just throw out a few signs and sit on our keesters and wait for the Buyuers to come flocking in…….NOT!

I’m outa business!

As I sit here looking out my office window at the snow I’m reminded of when I lived in Freemont, NE whenst I was a young lad, my ladette sister Stacy and I used to make snow camels. We’d start with a hand fashioned snowball and start rolling it in the show to make it get bigger…and bigger untill we couldn’t roll it anymore, fashion a place to sit on top and wall-ah, we’d have a snow camel. Don’t know why we called them snow camels, but we did.

Nuff ’bout snow camels.

Now about this “I’m outa business” thing.

No, I haven’t left RE/MAX Advanced. I made a deal with Fran Hardman…the Boss Lady as I affectionately call her…that I’d be here until she would have to put some sort of “In Memory Of” thing outside the building.

I’m simply out of contract(s), which is a Real Estate term meaning that someone is in breach of some requirement of a contract, but I’m out of “under contracts” meaning that I have nothing in my “Pending Sales” in my file cabinet. I’m chasing a few prospects without trying to seem pushy.

That’s an issue with me. I know when I’m shopping for something I hate having a pushy salesperson. It’s an actual turn-off for me and I’ll actually excuse myself from any interaction with such. So, I’m always trying to find ways to stay in contact without being pushy.

Now that I’m through the worst part of my cancer and the treatments to arrest it and all I have now is maintenance treatment to keep it arrested I’m back at work as full time as I can be without pushing myself too hard. To do that here (at the office) would be difficult as the Boss Lady keeps an eye on me to make sure I don’t. The last 4, yes 4 times I’ve tried to push it…going back to work…I’ve wound up in the hospital.

So, without being pushy I’m gonna get back to work.

Actually, back to work is building and massaging my website as that is going to be my main method of prospecting. I’m not expecting to place high on search engines so I’m just gonna promote the website and my being Fort Collins only true Buyer Broker.

Real Estate Brokerages Going High Tech

Click the link to read the article in the Denver Post!

I’m a missing Mary…

Mary is avoiding m temporarily and I’m grateful for that. She’s got a “bug” and doesn’t want to pass it along to me and I soooooooooo appreciate that.

When she returns I think were going to work on the blogs and their appearances. I don’t like just pasting a link and you the reader needing to click on the link. I’m liking this blogging thing but my 64 year old brain needs Mary’s 21 year old brain to help with my technological deficits…

It’s good to really be back in business. The nearly three years of doing battle with cancer is over…for the time being. I’m in what the Docs call “forced remission” meaning they are keeping the cancer manageable through chemo.

Anywho, its good to be back in business but as I write I’m out of business…huh? Towards the tail end of next week I’ll be having not 1, but 3 closings in which I am either the Buyer Broker or the referring broker where I have referred the listing and thenst I have nobody in my “Active Buyer” folder…

Sooooooooooooo, do you know anybody looking to buy or sell?

Let me know because I’m never to busy for your referrals, especially when my Active Buyer folder is empty!!!!

January 9, 2013…

This is going to be a really good year, especially for Real Estate.

Property Values are going up and although not rapidly or because of hyped or ureasonable inflation but because the are becoming real.

This is good news for people who own primary residences or investment properties. Not that it’s bad news for those who are not yet or are soon to be homeowners or investment property owners because their investment in either primary or investment property will be based on hard actual (not hyper- or under-inflated) cost.

Yes, there are still distressed properties that can be had for under market and there will be properties listed above market either because Sellers are unrealistic or Brokers are willing to list over market just to get the listing but a good Buyer Broker {…and that would be me} will advocate for his Buyer and negotiate either up in the case of multiple offers or down to “actual value” to insure the integrity of the purchase.

I’m looking forward to my first actual year as strictly a Buyer Broker and in having Mary come along as an intern…I was taught a long time ago that if you really want to become good and proficient at what you do…teach it!

This is going to be a fun and prosperous year and in addition to my slogan of “Helping People Live Indoors”, although not a slogan but more a statement of fact now that my health has returned, I am never to busy for your referrals!

…and I sit in my office pondering.
I seem to do a lot of that.
Today is a particularly perplexing pondering day.
The year 2013 looms dangerously near as does this whole “Fiscal Cliff’ thing.
I wish I was more versed in exactly what it is and what it means.
It seems as if we do fall off that thing it’s not gonna be a good thing.
I know that my ‘unnamed sources’ talk about a re-recession for up to two quarters should that happen and I certainly hope that won’t be necessary by those that can will not let that happen.
Having lived as long as I have and having pondered as much as I have, there are two things that for now anyway have appeared in my ponderings as of late.
1) When I was a young’un and played tackle football with my friend Maynard in Freemont, NE. That’d put me circa 4th or 5th grade. We would line up against each others with me being the entirety of the Chicago Bears and he likewise being the entirety of the Green Bay Packers. We had a grand time pretending to be Crazy Legs Hersh and whoever else were our gridiron heroes of the moment. Mimicking our fleet-of-foot running backs we would score double digit touchdowns and at the end of each run…I don’t think we ever mastered the art of passing to ourselves…we would just take a deep breath, gloat a little with our eyes but we never did these idiotic touchdown dances. I love watching football and yes I’m a Bronco fan but the anything but delicate and sometimes bordering pornographic touchdown dances that seem to be the norm even after leveling an opponent after a run or a pass completion takes away from the integrity of the game. Yeah, I said integrity…you can ponder that yourself.
2) Poltics. I can remember Adlai Stevenson running against Dwight Eisenhower and then Kennedy vs. Nixon. Because of the ‘genetics’ in my family I have always been interested in the goings on of our Government and politics. I seem to remember them being two seperate things with the subjective politic being more about ideologies, theories and meaningful discussions and the Government being the objective enactment and protection of ideas promulgated by our elected officials. I don’t remember the visciousness of the verbal assaults and the purposeful attempt by one party and/or its figureheads to thwart compromise, governance and to deny the public welfare referenced in our Costitution.
I lament the passinng of Rodney King if for nothing less than his iconic statement, “Why can’t we all just get along.”
Optimism seems to spring eternal deep inside my soul and I believe the Party of No accidentally steeped in some tea leaves grown from parched soil will figure out away to say, “ok” while thinking it has somehow saved face and won a commanding victory…and can snuggle down in their beds being comforted knowing that they can in fact keep the sitting President from a third term in office…after thirteenth our negotions keep us from falling over that impendng precipice.
My thoughts on that particularly perplexing ponderable precipice.
Here’s to thanking Mr. Spock for his aloha, “Live long and prosper”.

…not Sor-optomist (or is it …optimist?) like my friend Carolyn Wade, but optimist (…optomist) that I be, I can have a wind of pessimism blow through my psyche now and then.

I’m of the ilk that December, January and February are not prime time Real Estate months.

And as I find myself in a Real Estate domino situation with my sale (as a Buyer Broker) contingent upon the sale of my Buyers “former” home I’ve been fighting off that pessimism thing, but then out of the blue their house has a couple of showings one of which is by Scott Sutherland, a Broker in my office that I referred the listing to.

Sooooo here’s to spilling some salt and tossing it over my shoulder…I’m not superstitious mind you, but what could it hurt, huh?Anywho if’n I can remember that December, January and February are actually the best time to buy or sell Real Estate I can adjust my sails.

As over-priced listings have a tendency to go away and then re-listed in the Spring astute Buyers actually get out and look at well priced inventory this odd 1/4 of the year ending and beginning with the next can have it’s benefits for all.

Mortgages are still at near record lows and mortgage lenders like to finish the calendar year strong and then like to continue that beginning the New Year if’n I was a Buyer I’d be out seriously looking and if I was a Seller I’d seriously be out looking at the quality inventory now. Heck, shopping for a home will not put one in a crowded mall cursing the crowds and being ticked off that the only parking spot available was almost worthy of calling a cab to get to the store(s) that one wants to get to.

Further-more-there-to-anywho, if’n you are interested in Buying or Selling let me know and remember pleeeeze that I am never to busy for your referrals!