January 9, 2013…

This is going to be a really good year, especially for Real Estate.

Property Values are going up and although not rapidly or because of hyped or ureasonable inflation but because the are becoming real.

This is good news for people who own primary residences or investment properties. Not that it’s bad news for those who are not yet or are soon to be homeowners or investment property owners because their investment in either primary or investment property will be based on hard actual (not hyper- or under-inflated) cost.

Yes, there are still distressed properties that can be had for under market and there will be properties listed above market either because Sellers are unrealistic or Brokers are willing to list over market just to get the listing but a good Buyer Broker {…and that would be me} will advocate for his Buyer and negotiate either up in the case of multiple offers or down to “actual value” to insure the integrity of the purchase.

I’m looking forward to my first actual year as strictly a Buyer Broker and in having Mary come along as an intern…I was taught a long time ago that if you really want to become good and proficient at what you do…teach it!

This is going to be a fun and prosperous year and in addition to my slogan of “Helping People Live Indoors”, although not a slogan but more a statement of fact now that my health has returned, I am never to busy for your referrals!