Ever since I declared myself back to work…mostly to myself…I’ve been discovering that a lot of what I did pre-cancer worked just fine, some of it needed to be tweaked. some of it needed revamping and some of it just needed to go adios.

Just thinking that I could get by on “yesterdays” technology was not gonna work. I’m still trying to learn Social Media…It’s painfully obvious that somewhere north of 50% of Social Media people are using it as a socially accepted method of self-obsession and trying to utilize it effectively without getting lost in a myriad of Posts and Tweets about stuff that really only probably the sender and a few others might care about is a challenge. Am I handing down an indictment about such? No, it has a place I suppose. There may be those who will spend the time sorting through hundreds of pictures, most of which are in focus, accepting that human face to face, eyeball to eyeball contact is a dying method of communication.

I’m thinking and hoping that Social Media can be used to communicate pertinent business information amongst he many and the few. Maybe I’m wrong, which of course be the first time ever, but a some wise ol’ sage said at one time or another, “”Time will tell.”`

One of the things that did work which continues to work is to find out who’s good at what they do and tet ’em do it.

Gettin’ back to that technology thing, I’ve got this website, http://www.LivingIndoors.com that allows me to embed {tech word!…although I’m not using it properly but that’s all part of Tippettspeak} my own stuff in it and I’m just ’bout there with my list of People, Places and Things that I really like, approve of, use and covertly (?) recommend.

It includes lenders, inspectors, people and companies who provide and/or repair, restaurants, jewelers, haberdashers, and…and…and.

So, keep checking back for that, if nothing else?

I’ve also re-realized that the lending world is best a place that I watch and read about but the practice is better left to those local practitioners.

A couple of my ol’ lenders are still practicing ut I’ve run across one or two that I ‘ll include.

The foreclosure and short sale market is slowing down and last I heard are no longer responsible for over 50% of the transactions. That’s a good thing. I’ll still tackle them but there are a few caveats. Wanna know what they are? Get a hold of me.

Gettin’ late.

Later…or earlier!