So, I’ll try it now.
I’m sure that folk in other professions get talked to in generalities about what goes on in their industry(ies)…I know I do.
And sometimes it’s eerily similar to people talking to me about my health.
No big secret that I’m a cancer survivor even though I’m on a maintenance regimen to keep it at bay and well meaning people like to comment, “‘You’re looking really good, Pete.”
And I’m pleased for those comments but often times there’s stuff going on n the inside of my body or my mind that may be a ‘lil different than what appears on the outside.
Similarly, people come up to me and say something akin to, “Gosh, Pete. Real Estate is just booming isn’t it? I’m hearing a lot of real good things about the market!”
Well, yeah there’s a lot of really good things on the surface and deeper, too.
But it’s all really a matter of perspective…and perspectives are just that, perspectives because the realities ma be different for those involved.
There is the o’l Buyers vs. Sellers Market.
That purports that the market favors one over the other, which it does.
Right now a case could be made for it’s a Sellers market in that inventory seems to be flying off the shelves and there are more Buyers than Sellers thereby driving up the cost of homes and that is true. The stories of multiple offers and bidding wars and homes being sold for over asking price is all true…
But is there a negative aspect to the upside?
That being that many Buyers are being forced out of the buying market and into a slighted slighted when rental prices are being elevated and lease rates are being raised even if a tenured tenant has been in a property for quite sometime threatened by, “If you don’t like the raise in rent, move.”
Just ran across this:

SIDEBAR: I don’t figure that I can change the perception(s)…just make them known.

So, where was I…

Seller’s Market…Good for Sellers. Sellers can get “top dollar”, i.e. that real dollars or fancied dollars and that’s good for them and for the economy if they will turn around and re-invest {a.k.a. spend} some of their windfall.
…Good for Sellers who re-fied, and re-fied and re-fied until that plus the downturn in the economy had them upside down in their mortgages owing more that the house thenst currently appraised for.
…and there were/are other good reasons, too. But my Blogmaster tells me that blogs that go on toooooooooooo long will lose the readers interest.

Buyer’s Market…Good for Buyers. They can typically find and negotiate their way into a home that is reasonable, i.e. not too big, not too small and with a mortgage payment that doesn’t require going without the basic necessities of food, clothing and the like.
…Good for Buyers as homeOWNERS tend to become more invested in the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them.
…and good for the economy as stability brings about fiscal soundness.

From my/our perspective on perspectives is that there is behoovedness in finding out what my/our clients perspectives are and then cater to that being diligent in that our catering is bound by the principle of, “Is it legal? Is it moral? And is it ethical?”

Would like to blog on but artificial intelligence, the reminder vibration on my phone, tells me I’ve go to scoot.

Thanks for listening!