Mary and I held our first Open House together.

What a grand experience for me.

Even though I wasn’t fully prepared to “launch” our Open House Marketing Plan* we had a good time**.

*Marketing Plan…There are those that don’t look favorably on a term like, “Marketing Plan.” Me being one of them, but I’m not gonna change the moniker just because I don’t like it, I just have to change my attitude about the term especially when I’m trying to implement such. It’s not a set of actions intended to con or manipulate but rather a well thought out course of action aimed at putting a Buyer in touch with someone {a.k.a. me} who genuinely has their best interests in mind and who will represent and advocate for them. Although I have always preferred working with Buyers I have given Sellers my best attention. My decision to become strictly a Buyer Broker working exclusively with Buyers was sort of a risk in that it goes against the “conventional wisdom” of someone in Real Estate. A great friend and ally of mine JimWenger who actively sold Real Estate into his early eighties had a sign in his office (not visible to prospective customers or clients) which read, “Listings Are The Name Of The Game”… I’m gettin’ sidetracked here.

My/our “Open House Marketing Plan” is to select a price range, say {and I guess I am} from $180,000ish to $280,00ish and focus on “that”, holding Open Houses in that price range.

So, if I don’t list homes how do I get houses to hold Open?

Just ask my Listee {-ee’s recieve, -ors give} friends. I’ve got some great friends.

Once we have identified a house we just throw out a few signs and sit on our keesters and wait for the Buyuers to come flocking in…….NOT!