As I sit here looking out my office window at the snow I’m reminded of when I lived in Freemont, NE whenst I was a young lad, my ladette sister Stacy and I used to make snow camels. We’d start with a hand fashioned snowball and start rolling it in the show to make it get bigger…and bigger untill we couldn’t roll it anymore, fashion a place to sit on top and wall-ah, we’d have a snow camel. Don’t know why we called them snow camels, but we did.

Nuff ’bout snow camels.

Now about this “I’m outa business” thing.

No, I haven’t left RE/MAX Advanced. I made a deal with Fran Hardman…the Boss Lady as I affectionately call her…that I’d be here until she would have to put some sort of “In Memory Of” thing outside the building.

I’m simply out of contract(s), which is a Real Estate term meaning that someone is in breach of some requirement of a contract, but I’m out of “under contracts” meaning that I have nothing in my “Pending Sales” in my file cabinet. I’m chasing a few prospects without trying to seem pushy.

That’s an issue with me. I know when I’m shopping for something I hate having a pushy salesperson. It’s an actual turn-off for me and I’ll actually excuse myself from any interaction with such. So, I’m always trying to find ways to stay in contact without being pushy.

Now that I’m through the worst part of my cancer and the treatments to arrest it and all I have now is maintenance treatment to keep it arrested I’m back at work as full time as I can be without pushing myself too hard. To do that here (at the office) would be difficult as the Boss Lady keeps an eye on me to make sure I don’t. The last 4, yes 4 times I’ve tried to push it…going back to work…I’ve wound up in the hospital.

So, without being pushy I’m gonna get back to work.

Actually, back to work is building and massaging my website as that is going to be my main method of prospecting. I’m not expecting to place high on search engines so I’m just gonna promote the website and my being Fort Collins only true Buyer Broker.