Mary is avoiding m temporarily and I’m grateful for that. She’s got a “bug” and doesn’t want to pass it along to me and I soooooooooo appreciate that.

When she returns I think were going to work on the blogs and their appearances. I don’t like just pasting a link and you the reader needing to click on the link. I’m liking this blogging thing but my 64 year old brain needs Mary’s 21 year old brain to help with my technological deficits…

It’s good to really be back in business. The nearly three years of doing battle with cancer is over…for the time being. I’m in what the Docs call “forced remission” meaning they are keeping the cancer manageable through chemo.

Anywho, its good to be back in business but as I write I’m out of business…huh? Towards the tail end of next week I’ll be having not 1, but 3 closings in which I am either the Buyer Broker or the referring broker where I have referred the listing and thenst I have nobody in my “Active Buyer” folder…

Sooooooooooooo, do you know anybody looking to buy or sell?

Let me know because I’m never to busy for your referrals, especially when my Active Buyer folder is empty!!!!