…yeah, I’m old.
I don’t think I’m old and except for some aches and pains which I attribute to anything and everything that has naught to do with any thing chronological…
So, my conundrum is technology.
Today I’m cloaked in a need for stuff I don’t understand. Some of it I can use, although not near it’s {whatever “it” may be) capacity.

Cell phone…now my only phone outside of my office at RE/MAX (970) 690-4106

An e-mail address. Pete@LivingIndoors.com
A couple of Blogs: PetesRealEstateMusings.Wordpress.com

And some more stuff that will enter my mind after I wrap this stuff up.

Anywho, I really like the way the Universe takes care of whether I’m looking or not.

I was looking and then I wasn’t when Mary, my intern came along.
She ain’t old…just turned 22 yesterday.
Young enough to have been borned with a cybergland.
I get frustrated workin’ with with some techngizmo ast smiles and sez, and whine, “Hep!” and she just smilingly sez, “What now?”
I stammer, stutter and point and she makes it all more better.


That website I referenced a bit ago?
That’s her…I mean it’s her effort.
It’s a templated site, but allows for but “it” allows for “us” to add content.
So I come up with content and she adds it.

It’s continuing work in progress and I hope it always will be.
And, sooooooooooooooooooooooo please check back {to it} frequently.
And, if’n you do you’d see, amongst other either fun or informative or both stuff a thing we call “What and Where”.
As of now, there’s a picture of a multicolored/tapestryed horse.
It’s been up longer than I had expected so if’n someone doesn’t correctly identify “What and Where” we’re gonna tale it down and replace it with something else!

And, if’n you’ve got any comments, concerns or criticism with it, please let me know…but be gentle, I’m sensitive.