…not Sor-optomist (or is it …optimist?) like my friend Carolyn Wade, but optimist (…optomist) that I be, I can have a wind of pessimism blow through my psyche now and then.

I’m of the ilk that December, January and February are not prime time Real Estate months.

And as I find myself in a Real Estate domino situation with my sale (as a Buyer Broker) contingent upon the sale of my Buyers “former” home I’ve been fighting off that pessimism thing, but then out of the blue their house has a couple of showings one of which is by Scott Sutherland, a Broker in my office that I referred the listing to.

Sooooo here’s to spilling some salt and tossing it over my shoulder…I’m not superstitious mind you, but what could it hurt, huh?Anywho if’n I can remember that December, January and February are actually the best time to buy or sell Real Estate I can adjust my sails.

As over-priced listings have a tendency to go away and then re-listed in the Spring astute Buyers actually get out and look at well priced inventory this odd 1/4 of the year ending and beginning with the next can have it’s benefits for all.

Mortgages are still at near record lows and mortgage lenders like to finish the calendar year strong and then like to continue that beginning the New Year if’n I was a Buyer I’d be out seriously looking and if I was a Seller I’d seriously be out looking at the quality inventory now. Heck, shopping for a home will not put one in a crowded mall cursing the crowds and being ticked off that the only parking spot available was almost worthy of calling a cab to get to the store(s) that one wants to get to.

Further-more-there-to-anywho, if’n you are interested in Buying or Selling let me know and remember pleeeeze that I am never to busy for your referrals!