…and I sit in my office pondering.
I seem to do a lot of that.
Today is a particularly perplexing pondering day.
The year 2013 looms dangerously near as does this whole “Fiscal Cliff’ thing.
I wish I was more versed in exactly what it is and what it means.
It seems as if we do fall off that thing it’s not gonna be a good thing.
I know that my ‘unnamed sources’ talk about a re-recession for up to two quarters should that happen and I certainly hope that won’t be necessary by those that can will not let that happen.
Having lived as long as I have and having pondered as much as I have, there are two things that for now anyway have appeared in my ponderings as of late.
1) When I was a young’un and played tackle football with my friend Maynard in Freemont, NE. That’d put me circa 4th or 5th grade. We would line up against each others with me being the entirety of the Chicago Bears and he likewise being the entirety of the Green Bay Packers. We had a grand time pretending to be Crazy Legs Hersh and whoever else were our gridiron heroes of the moment. Mimicking our fleet-of-foot running backs we would score double digit touchdowns and at the end of each run…I don’t think we ever mastered the art of passing to ourselves…we would just take a deep breath, gloat a little with our eyes but we never did these idiotic touchdown dances. I love watching football and yes I’m a Bronco fan but the anything but delicate and sometimes bordering pornographic touchdown dances that seem to be the norm even after leveling an opponent after a run or a pass completion takes away from the integrity of the game. Yeah, I said integrity…you can ponder that yourself.
2) Poltics. I can remember Adlai Stevenson running against Dwight Eisenhower and then Kennedy vs. Nixon. Because of the ‘genetics’ in my family I have always been interested in the goings on of our Government and politics. I seem to remember them being two seperate things with the subjective politic being more about ideologies, theories and meaningful discussions and the Government being the objective enactment and protection of ideas promulgated by our elected officials. I don’t remember the visciousness of the verbal assaults and the purposeful attempt by one party and/or its figureheads to thwart compromise, governance and to deny the public welfare referenced in our Costitution.
I lament the passinng of Rodney King if for nothing less than his iconic statement, “Why can’t we all just get along.”
Optimism seems to spring eternal deep inside my soul and I believe the Party of No accidentally steeped in some tea leaves grown from parched soil will figure out away to say, “ok” while thinking it has somehow saved face and won a commanding victory…and can snuggle down in their beds being comforted knowing that they can in fact keep the sitting President from a third term in office…after thirteenth our negotions keep us from falling over that impendng precipice.
My thoughts on that particularly perplexing ponderable precipice.
Here’s to thanking Mr. Spock for his aloha, “Live long and prosper”.