It’s December 5, 2012 and it seems like it was just yesterday that it was the first week of March, 2010 and I didn’t have cancer and the Real Estate industry…which really includes more than us licensed Real Estate folk but includes(ed) homeowners, too…as still reeling from the bubble bursting in 2008 and I was feeling fortunate to be in Northern Colorado and somewhat insulated from the “horrors” that were blighting the rest of the country.

And then I got diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a.k.a. bone marrow cancer) and started this (cuz I’m still on it) getting remissioned adventure and the whole landscape of my personal life and my Real Estate life changed.

And now it’s dang near 2013 and although I’ve pretty much have my personal/medical stuff under control I’m just now getting way serious about getting my Real Estate life lassoed and re-setting about making  living.

Probably the two biggest “things” in doing that are a) becoming a true Buyer Broker which means that I am going to work strictly with Buyers and in doing so slide back under the/my umbrella of, HELPING PEOPLE LIVE INDOORS which has been my moniker/slogan for many years. That doesn’t mean I won’t assist Sellers because I will but just not in being the Listing Broker. What I’m doing is referring Sellers to those Brokers both in and out of RE/MAX Advanced and in and out of Fort Collins by introducing them Seller to a Broker who can best represent them in the market in which the property they need to get sold lies. So, don’t ignore me please if you or someone you know has a property that needs to get sold! And then b) there’s Mary Hammer. Mary is interning with me and is all those things that I wish I could be really good at…for instance, I have basically turned over my website http//www.LivingIndoors.com  to her for managing and contenting {that’s a Tippettspeak word}…so please check it out and if you have any comments or suggestions please let either one of us know! Mary is a CSU student and has been fascinated with Real Estate since she was 6 years old! Yep, it’s true. her short term goal in the  grand scheme* of things is to be a Real Estate Broker right here at RE/MAX Advanced and we’ll see what that looks like when the time comes.

Anywho, gotta run and see if’n I can find an appropriate article for my other blog.

*more Tippettspeak