Yep, Real Estate continues to live!

I don’t know your political leanings, but it’s no big secret about mine. It’s genetic and there’s nothing I can do about it. Both my parents were Democrats and were involved in politics for as long as I can remember…but that’s my life and leanings and I’m glad we have a two party system…I really am.

Anywho, my headline “Real Estate Lives”. Should Mr. Romney have been elected and carried through with many of his “scorched earth” (‘scuse me…the ghost of either my mom or my dad or my aunt Rosemary made me say that) policies the entire sociological landscape of the United States would have changed. For our purposes, well mine but yours too if you own a home or more importantly were going to buy a home, should he have struck poison pen to paper and eliminated the home  deduction as we now have it my life and quite possibly yours would have been waaaaaay different.

Mine because a huge…no, make that HUGE…number of peoples would not have been able to purchase a home which plays a major role in the American Dream.

     As many, well most or at least some of you know I am returning to one of my true passions, Helping People Live Indoors after a nearly 3 (yep, three) year adventure with the cancer thing, and boy {or man, or girl, or woman, or girl} have things changed. Technology being the main thing. This is still a people business and I don’t expect to sell homes without ever meeting my clients or customers [and there is a difference, just ask me] in person, but the way we gather and/or glean information has changed and I have no doubt will continue to change. And being well on the north side of 50 I was born without a technology gland. I know just enough to be dangerous but attempting certain things makes me apoplectic, whatever that means.

     And then along came Mary.

     Mary is a CSU student and being well in the south side of 50 she was born with a technology gland.

     A while back I began searching, with the help of Fran {a.k.a. Boss Lady extraordinaire} and Madi {pronounce Maudi…I had an aunt Maude. I’ll have to ask my siblings if’n they remember her} and made a post on/in the CSU internet want ads thing throwing out feelers for an intern who would like to intern in Real Estate and along came Ms. Hammer and lemme tell you, I am one happy 106 year old guy!

   Techy savvy, smart as the proverbial whip, energetic and ambitious and has wanted to be in Real Estate since she was 6…yep, six. And she wants to morph into a RE/MAX Advanced Broker…oh thanks to the Universe that placed me here @ RE/MAX Advanced, directed me to the Docs (Physicians…not legal pieces of paper) that have taken care of me for the near past and have gotten me to the place where I am in “forced remission” (ask me), can see without glasses, have eliminated the mystery pain in the balls of my feet and will Monday next do the carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand.

Wow, when I think about it I’ve changed as have my circumstances almost as much as the Real Estate industry has.

I be one fortunate 106 year old.