…is that the Real Estate “business” has changed elephantly.

Not only is the market different, but the methodology of practicing my chosen profession has changed also.

Although Northern Colorado per se was minorly insulated from the real estate debacle/crash that began in 2008 and avalanched the entire country into a recession…yes, I’ll use that word even though many pundits do not like that word preferring to soft soap the times with “recession”, we had no choice but to ride the tide but we held on to some sort of life line that kept us from free-falling like so many markets in the U.S. did.

But, ne’er the less there was an impact and I find myself trying to catch up with the times and having to relearn and learn things as if I was a rookie Realtor.

Much of the technology has changed or is new.

Our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system which along with the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and the FCBR (Fort Collins Board of Realtors) most certainly are the skeletal system of what I/we do and their presentations of what they offer has changed along with the content.

I had expected the contracts (i.e. all forms) to change as they have changed regularly and irregularly since I began my Real Estate career so many decades (gulp…since 1976) ago. We’ve gone from handwritten fill in the blank forms using carbon paper to NCR (No Carbon Required) forms which boldly used colored copies of white, green, pink and yellow so that we had to run out and buy White-Out, Green-Out, Pink-Out and Yellow-Out to computer 3.5 Floppy Disc drives which had to be replaced often to forms that are now promulgated by the REC (Real Estate Commission) that are online and available through our MLS, IRES (I-something Real Estate Systems).

The caliber of Real Estate Brokers (We are now officially Brokers rather than “Agents”) has bettered itself as during these troubled times many dropped out of the business either through our natural attentions or because unless you had a base or “sphere of influence” from which to cultivate referrals you had a difficult if not impossible task of sourcing your business.

That is my main hurdle right now … recreating my source of business.

I have opted to become a pure Buyer Broker where I will work exclusively with Buyers as opposed to trying to serve two masters, the Buyer(s) and the Seller(s). There are many Brokers who can successfully do that and my hat is off to them because if there were no properly listed properties I would not have a product to sell!

To be, ugh, brutally honest this cancer thing was/is extremely financially draining and for the time being retirement is nothing more than a rumor as is just day-to-day living. Fortunately I’m good at what I do and I just need folks to work with.

Although my emphasis is on Buyers that does not mean I shan’t assist Sellers. After being in business as long as I have (36 years or thereabout), having been with RE/MAX Advanced as long as I have (18 years or thereabout) I know who in this business is good at what they do and can…and do…recommend Brokers who cn list properties well and can match up a property with a Broker who will do an exemplary job in listing and marketing with me now free to do Open Houses for that Broker/Listee and concentrate on finding a Buyer.

Theoretically that should all work well and as I have lived a lot of my life in the past 25 years or so on theory/faith I’m confident that I have made he right decision and am looking forward to assisting folk that I know and folk that I have yet to meet achieve home ownership which still is, indeed, the American Dream…

You know, that is soooooo rewarding that I get to do that!

Nevermore since I came with my slogan, “Helping People Live Indoors” have I felt so good and so honored to be able to do just that.

I have gained access to Lenders, Inspectors, Title Companies al who share my passion and we match up well.

It feels good to have the processes in place, now I just need some “processees” to work with!

Because I don’t personally believe in refrigerator magnets or zillions of post cards to build my business I am left, fortunately, with an existing sphere from which I not only expect referrals to buy from me but who will also refer me to people who know people who can refer people to me.

As I write, I am on the deck of my brother’s house overlooking the Willamette River just outside of Portland, Oregon and although this may sound corny…I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to rebuild so many things… my life, my business, my sphere and the list could, and does go on and on.

Life is good and it is precious.

I know.