You know, the hows & whys we got into this national economic debacle really don’t matter…well, they do if’n the powers that be can learn from our current situation.

It’s really tooooooo bad that our Governmental Triumvirate can’t do the Rodney King, God rest his soul, thing of “Can’t we just all get along?”

Our “mess” started prior to the election of our current President who, despite (maybe) one’s beliefs has tried to pass legislation promoting jobs and fiscal well-being but has been thwarted at virtually every step by A Congress who, by their own words has vowed to make him a “one-term President”.

I really don’t wanna go there because I’ll just get all riled up, but we here in Northern Colorado have been somewhat insulated from the Real Estate crisis that has clouded the American Dream of Home Ownership nationally. As I sit here in my office doing “floor time”, meaning it’s my turn in the tub to be here to respond to phone calls and walk-in traffic, I’m realizing that I am in a small part of the country that has weathered the economic storm for the most part and am embroiled in a Real Estate market that has an over abundance of Buyers and a lack of affordable, i.e. priced right inventory marked by multiple offers on properties winding up sometimes in bidding wars which if not reined in result in offers to purchase that are well over appraised values bringing about a whole new set of problems.

I had an EZ deal once, it was back in August of 1976.

After returning from a 2+ year hiatus, I’m finding that it is harder to save people “time, trouble and an unnecessary loss of money”, but having been through a couple of Up and Down Real Estate cycles I’m able to pull from past experiences and continue to that which has been my mantra for many years.

How’s ’bout that!

I have a slogan,  “Helping People Live Indoors”  and a mantra, “Saving people time, trouble and an unecessary loss of money.”

My floor time is about up so I need to make some preparation for going out into the world and sloganing and mantra-ing.