You know, after a little over two years of dealing with this cancer stuff, I’m finally back at work, doin’ what I do best…Helping People Live Indoors!

Whilst I was “sick”, I started a blog and as I got to feeling better I sorta dropped the ball but I’m going to get back into making quasi regular posts…and on that blog, if you are so inclined to peruse it, I’m going to put on the About Pete page on this website. It’ll be mostly just continued markings on my journey from diagnosis through treatment and interspersed with some personal stuff, too.

This blog will be devoted to my observations, opinions, fact-stuff, rumor-stuff and other stuff regarding the aspects and nuances of the Real Estate Market in Northern Colorado and related Real Estate stuff. I hope you’ll check in once in a while and if so inclined leave a comment.

My  2+ year hiatus came at sorta the right time as the Real Estate market was tanking, but seems I’ve come back when there is a flurry of activity, inventory is down…but not out… , multiple offers are common as are short sales and foreclosure sales.

Fortunately I find myself here to RE/MAX Advanced with  a plethora of experienced Brokers who  guide me through that which has changed in the past couple of years…and there’s been a bunch. From the Multiple Listing System (MLS), revised contracts, new forms, the short sale and foreclosure sales processii (Tippettspeak for multiple processes).

But it’s fun. I actually really enjoy my vocation and circumstances as they are I’m gonna be doing it until I’m not…I’ll follow the path of my friend Jim Wenger who sold Real Estate until he was in his 80s!

So bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of blogging, will you please?